How do I stop my beach towel blowing away?

Welcome to our new website

Welcome to our brand new website!

As you may know, The Beach Towel Clip was invented by me back in 2009 and launched in 2010.

It seemed about time to update the old website to a new platform, so here we go.

As much as we loved the original website I wanted to keep this one cleaner, crisper and easier to use.

So, a little bit about the beach towel clip...

Whilst sat on the beach in Ibiza back in 2008/9 I was getting more and more annoyed when my beach towel blew away every time I got up or went for a dip in the sea.

"How do I stop my beach towel blowing away?"

On my return to the UK I scribbled down a few designs and spoke to a product development company Lucid who sorted out grants with the NWDA and the product was born.

3D printed prototypes and visits to the beach lead to sourcing Form mould & Tooling who injection mould the clips in Suffolk & the rest is history.

The clips soon featured in magazines, newspapers, TV & radio around the world.

Invites to Buckingham Palace, House of Commons, European Parliament and radio 2 soon followed and the crazy adventure began.

The clips now sell around the world so if you are a retailer that is interested in selling the clips then please get in touch.

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