How To Use The Beach Towel Clip

Please note The Beach Towel Clip's are available in 3 colours, aqua blue, orange or white. The green/black images on the cartons are for illustrative purposes only to show how the clips are hinged and comprise of 2 parts.

 Directions-what to do and how to use the beach towel clip!

  • Find a beautiful sandy beach somewhere warm...we cannot help with this one!
  • Find a nice flat sandy spot where you want to lay the towel
  • Unpack the clips from the handy storage box
  • Snap the set of four clips apart
  • Using the palm of your hand carefully push the clip into the sand catching the corner of the towel until the top of the clip is flat with the sands surface so you and other beach users don't trip over it or stub your toe!
  • Do the same for the other corners making sure you get the towel flat and don't pull too hard so that the towel comes away from the clip, remember the clip is intended to hold the towel down to stop the wind getting under it but will not stretch a towel tightly!
  • When its time to go simply take out the clips, shake off the sand, clip back together and put them back in the box for next time!
  • The clips are not designed as a single use product, the polypropylene is recyclable as are the cardboard cartons. Users should check in their regions that both materials are accepted for recycling.

Limitations-what not to do with your beach towel clip!

  • The clip is designed for use on sandy beaches and not pebbles or shale!
  • The clip may break if used incorrectly in other ground types, if you want to try it on soft turf with the picnic blanket make sure you test it first, if it cannot be gently pushed in with palm then we would advise you stop just in case it breaks!
  • The clip is designed to be pushed into the sand carefully with your palm or sole of a bare foot but not a mallet or hammer!
  • The clip is designed to help keep the beach towel flat on the sand as a better alternative to flip flops, stones, water bottles or handfuls of sand it is not designed as a tent peg or similar
  • This is not a toy and should only be used for the purpose it was designed so sorry kids it may look like a laser gun but put it back in the sand, your parent's towel is blowing away!