About Us


Since the launch of the clips, Jonathan Meare (me) has provided marketing and digital marketing consultancy work to a number of organisations and I'm always happy to chat about any new projects!

As a Freelance Digital Marketing Manager/Consultant, with over 12 years’ experience, I have worked with a variety of clients, from large National Organizations to SME’s, both B2B and B2C.

Originally from a commercial background in the property/construction industry, having spent 20+ as a Buyer, ending my career as Regional Buyer/ Group commodity Manager at Miller Homes. When the industry ‘fell apart’ in 2008, I took voluntary redundancy and looking for a new direction.

I decided whilst sat on a beach to invent a product to stop my towel blowing away, the product went on to sell all over the world.

The experience gained in designing, launching, and bringing a product to market then lead to companies asking me to assist with their own new products and inventions, I have now brought to market several products and assisted a number of inventors with their inventions and innovations.

Using social media platforms and digital channels I have established new routes to market, launched several new brands and increased customer databases whilst working within assigned budgets.

For 6 ½ years, (until February 2021), I worked on a full-time contract for a market leading Crowdfunding financial P2P platform where we raised over £120 million through crowdfunding.

My roles have involved managing third party PPC agencies and managing both Television and YouTube video production teams along with running numerous award-winning social media channels for clients and for my own products.

The analytical side of my Marketing experience has meant extensive use of CRM systems whilst setting up and managing email campaigns. This has also involved attribution analysis to ensure that the correct message is used for the correct audience and that marketing spend is being directed to the correct traffic sources for optimized ROI.

I have worked alongside IT/UX teams on website projects to ensure that the findings of the attribution analysis are then reflected in the website message and user journey, along with the message sent out to customers in the emails and communications.

Since February 2021, I have been working with a variety of SME’s in the ‘Property’ ‘House Builders’ ‘Fintech’ ‘Health’ ‘new product’ and also ‘Co working’ markets, along with a consultation role within a global Marketing & PR agency.

Whilst I enjoy the variety of these clients, I would be very interested in taking on any larger projects within an organisation either full-time or on a freelance or consultancy basis as I feel that the experience that I have from working within different industries has given me a good understanding of how different marketing methods suit different industry requirements.